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From the Listening Chair

Musical designs, no sonic compromises!


dB Audio Labs was established to bring a whole new set of audio products to market that raise the bar and expectations of even the most demanding audiophiles. Our team of engineers consider everything as we develop our leading edge high end audio solutions.

Our goal is simple and straight forward – portraying the original master tape without sonic colorations or using electronic euphonic trickery. Music’s most subtle harmonics and inner details MUST be reproduced with an attention to detail beyond measure.

To meet our Gestalt challenge, each and every possible circuit is analyzed with every component selection associated within each circuit. Essentially, everything must be considered to achieve true sonic greatness typically found only in a world class analog source.

Our designs are the cumulation of time tested and proven ideas combined with our own proprietary refinements, many of which are brand new to high end audio. Our products stand on their own merit for natural harmonic integrity and musicality, providing audiophiles a newfound way to enjoy their treasured music.

We invite you to take part in our journey towards musical bliss!

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